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Critical Business Thinking
Welcome to NavisRx
NavisRx is one of the leading SME solution providers in the space of Business Strategy Management, Process Automation and end-to-end Industrial IoT solutions.

In the IoT space, we help organizations in making legacy machines "intelligent" so that the data generated by them can be made available on the network for analysis purposes. This is our USP while we assist in every step of your journey in Industry 4.0. Getting most out of Information Systems and Information infrastructures is our passion. We link Operational outcomes and make Strategy visible and explainable.
KPIwoven® is an enterprise class software platform that helps in effectively managing Business Strategy. It is probably the only solution available in the market that seamlessly blends Balanced Scorecards with COBIT, Project Performance Management and Risk Management to deliver unique value to business.
At operational level, it is capable of extracting data from numerous Industrial sensors and various business applications such as ERP, CRM, WFM, SCM etc. With its collaborative platform, it helps in managing action items to manage performance improvements. It provides insights to your data by exploiting business intelligence methodologies. You can even measure and manage performance of business drivers.
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